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The oil and gas industry can be complex. Let our oil and gas attorneys help you negotiate, draft, and review your leasing contracts, litigation, mineral rights interests, operating agreements and much more.

When you enlist Morgan Leeton, PC to help resolve your oil litigation case, you can expect to work with a legal team that will remain by your side through to the end. We will review every lease, document, and agreement you made to fully understand your case and get the outcome you deserve. Our oil and gas law firm operates in the Permian Basin and the entire United States. We are here to help all oil and gas owners.

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Oil and Gas Mineral Rights Attorney


Often, disputes arise in the oil and gas industry over property rights, extraction, split estates, and the ownership of extracted oil and gas. Compared to other countries, the United States differs because most oil and gas is owned privately, as opposed to the national government, and the rights go to the surface landowner. This brings up several issues related to oil flow across property boundaries, and deeds dividing and selling the oil-rich land to multiple parties.

If you have found yourself in the middle of an oil and gas dispute, call Morgan Leeton, PC today to represent your oil litigation case locally in the Permian Basin and the entire United States. We are knowledgeable about all oil and gas sales and mineral rights matters. We have the experience you can trust, no matter what your case may involve. 

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